What the Deuce?!

Today I visited a couple of beds in person that I’ve been stalking online.
They are very pretty and I promise to share them with you at some point.
BUT, they are BIG.
Really, really BIG.
And our master bedroom (like all the rooms in our wee house) is not. Not at all.

While I do not belong to the “I must have a master bedroom big enough in which to play football and/or land a 747” school of décor, and while I firmly believe that an oversized piece in a small space can be the stuff of design genius, I am pretty sure that, in this case, the result would just be to make our room look cramped and over-stuffed.

Soooo, when I stumbled on this baby, I had to ask myself… could this be it? Could I have found The One?

The Deuce bed by the Novogratz (es?) for CB2 ticks a lot of boxes for me: modern with a nod to the traditional, mimics a style of bed I LOOOVE but which is usually made in gorgeous antique wood that not even I would paint (and if I can’t paint it, I don’t want it!), not too tall, space for cats to hide underneath, a headboard to lean against in order to read, no need for a bedskirt, re-paintable down the line if I need a change of pace…


Below, you can see it in situ.
Okay, not in OUR situ….
(How fabulous is that room?!)



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