Dream a Little Dream

So, about the whole “let’s be grown-ups and [finally] get a bed-stead” thing. There were quite a few beds in the running. I started out here, but M vetoed it, saying the legs would just be near-lethal tripping hazards.
You’ve got to admit, the man has a point. But letting go of this one really hurt.

Next, I thought about upholstered headboards/footboards.
Again, M pointed out the problem with keeping them clean. Again, he has a point, particularly since one of my pet peeves in life is that he seems to be very hard on pretty much every piece of furniture we own. Couple that fact with our tendency to have coffee in bed on weekend mornings and the upholstered bed began to look like a very bad idea.

Okay, back to the drawing board. M asked for wood or metal.
I looooooooove this bed (it looks so great in the French farmhouse where I live in my head….), but it is not practical in our space and I worry that leaning against the “headboard” would not be comfortable.

So, a wooden bed would be the way to go. Trouble is, most of these are very traditional and a bit, um….. fustier than I am aiming for in our room, where we already have a fair bit of traditional going on. I want to bring in a bit of modern crispness & some vintage industrial vibe to create some pleasing design tension in the space.

Enter these babies. I found them in the most unexpected (to me) place– Ethan Allen!
You can choose from about a dozen different colours.
I have a major thing for the dark navy (not shown, so you should really surf on over and check it out)….
It would be sooo gorgeous in our grey room!


My first crush was on the Quincy bed:


M deemed it too girly, as I knew he would.
It’s particularly swoon-worthy in the aqua or the navy.


Not the way I’d style it, but I thought you should see it “dressed.”

But then I found Barrett. Oh, Barrett, you are so very lovely. You are tall and quiet; your simple, clean lines bridge the traditional and the modern without an iota of fussiness. You are confident and do not need to be flashy. You also look über-sexy in the dark navy….



This is the best shot they have of it “dressed”– not very helpful, is it? Once again, imagine it with MUCH less traditional styling.

I went to visit the beds. The Quincy is a looker, there is no denying it.
They did not have the Barrett in the showroom, but they had a similar one.

And you know what? These beds are HUGE. Truly ginormous.
The top of the mattress comes up above my WAIST!
I’d need a ladder to get into one of these beds!

Also, they have enormous wooden supports down the middle underneath (I am talking tree-trunk-esque, people) and these would be visible as you climb the stairs to our second floor, as the view from the landing is straight under the bed. Finally, I think the scale is just plain too big for our room. Rather than looking edgy and “look at me, playing with scale! I’m such a risk-taking designer! Aren’t you surprised by how good this looks?!”, I think either one would just look like it had been crammed into a too-tiny room.

Maybe you can get one of them in some gorgeous, juicy colour and I can live vicariously through you?


2 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream

    • Lol. You really DON’T read the posts, do you? No, I bought the one I posted on IG. These ones were too big– thus the final paragraph… 🙂

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