Riddle Me This


“Trad With a Twist”

I love a quiz. Not a math quiz or anything terrifying, but the kind of (deeply intellectually challenging) quiz one might find in, oh, say, a trashy women’s magazine. My favourite kind of quiz, however, is the “find your style” kind of quiz. Sure, I already know my style, but I still like to play along. Sometimes, I even try to throw the final result by NOT answering truthfully. (Cue Rebel, Rebel.)

Here is one I took the other day while drinking in the loveliness of Lonny Magazine.
Turns out I’m “Trad With a Twist.”
So, what’s your style?

Image source.


2 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

    • Big surprise. 🙂 I’d say I’m farther along the “twist” spectrum, and you are farther along the “trad” spectrum. But that’s why you are such a great client– I know what you will like! (Also, you let me do whatever and you always like the result, even if you are iffy in the process.)

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