Ibex You Can’t Guess…


…what I scored!
You may recall that I have been stalking mighty fake taxidermy trophies online, but I was a bit trigger-shy at the prices. Thus, although Choice #1 was this fella, I was awfully chuffed when I stumbled upon not one but two almost-as-good specimens this past weekend while on safari at Homesense.

Both are damaged– the one I’m calling an ibex is missing some paint on one of his (her?) horns, and the ram (?) has an actual HOLE in one of his horns. Which means I got them at a discount!
(Though, to tell the truth, I felt the discount was a bit chintzy– 10% off items that would otherwise not sell [not everyone is as willing to do repairs as I am], is hardly a steal….)
Still, with the help of a birthday gift card, I got the pair for under $40.
Given the trendy nature of these items, I’m a lot happier paying less, rather than more, for them.


Some minor surgery to the hole-y ram’s horn, a few coats of spray paint (the hideous, faux-bronze plasticity of the ram, in particular, must be eradicated) and these lads will be ready to add a little flair to our bedroom wall!

Stay tuned…


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