Making a List…

… and checking it obsessively.

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

I love a list. A good, old-fashioned “To Do” list that I can check off as I accomplish things. Lately, however, it has felt like our list of projects at Delovely HQ just keeps getting longer and longer without our ever seeming to check anything off….

This weekend is going to be Project List Check-Off around here. As I type, the kind gentlemen from CB2 are assembling our Deuce bed. Yay! That will get the ball rolling in the master bedroom. (It will also, I see now, require a paint colour change on the walls…)

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Here is a sampling of our “To Dos”:

Master Bedroom:
-sand and fill crown molding
-paint– walls, molding, trim
-pick up rug from US shipping address
-repair, paint & hang taxidermy heads
-install new bedside lighting
-figure out bedding

Dressing Room:
-build & install closet hanging system
-sand and paint crown molding; touch up walls
-hang curtains on window and in front of clothing racks
-detach, shift & reattach Murphy bed
-paint bench
-hang artwork
-fix and install overhead light
-install pendant lights

Dining Room:
-paint walls & trim
-repair & fill doorways
-build and install pendant lights
-paint china cabinet
-paint (?) dining table
-purchase bench and 2 new chairs
-list some of existing chairs for sale
-paint remaining existing chairs
-hang artwork
-lay rug (replace?)

-gut and renovate. Sigh.

TV Room:
-repair and paint walls
-commission built-in
-order and install radiators

-build it!

Living Room & Hallway:

If I can make a small dent in a few of these projects this weekend, I will be one happy homeowner!

What are you up to this weekend?

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.


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