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Confessions of a bad blogger: things in the realm of pre-holiday prep are a bit off the rails at Delovely HQ.
Oh, I had plans, Interwebz, I had plans. In my head, I had oh-so-many lovely posts lined up for you. But there have been speed bumps (see spontaneous shorting-out of new pendant lighting in master bedroom; cack-handed hanging of artwork over bed that now needs to be taken down, holes patched & repainted, blah, blah, blah; dining room still unfinished and currently housing queen box spring; giant sculpture belonging to a friend still sitting smack in the centre of my living room…) and, as a result, there has been nary a cookie baked, there is a very long list of stocking stuffers and other gifts yet to be purchased, and the blog has been languishing most un-festively. The aforementioned are not excuses, just explanations.

In the spirit of offering solace (and maybe inspiring you to whip up something pretty and yummy!), I give you this bit of deliciousness. It’s almost too pretty to eat, isn’t it?

Via 100 Layer Cake.

Via 100 Layer Cake.

Find the recipe & Jessica Foster‘s gorgeous images here.


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