Spot On

I bought these polka dot wall decals and can’t wait to use them!


First Things First


This past weekend, M had a birthday. He is one of those people who could happily just let the day go by without acknowledging it at all. I, on the other hand, am one of those people who thinks it is a crime against humanity that we do not all get a day off on our birthdays.
No, seriously– I think birthdays should be A Really Big Deal. Or at least a Marginally Big Deal.


I got him some prezzies and took him out for dinner. I also made him his favourite cake, with a twist. He loves 1-2-3-4 cake, so I made him 1-2-3-4 chocolate cupcakes. I just added cocoa to the batter until I liked it. I made cardamom cocoa butter cream icing and added a few sprinkles. I free-styled the recipe for the icing. 🙂


To make things a bit more fun, I used colourful paper straws and cute, polka-dotted birthday candles for the final flourish.


The result? A success: he polished off a dozen cupcakes in two days flat. {I may or may not have helped. A little.}

Take it to the Mat

I have a bit of a habit of picking up “things to frame.” I do it a lot when I am travelling. Then I come home and put them all in my “things to frame” folder.
Where they generally languish for years.
YEARS, Gentle Reader.

Let’s face it, I’m too cheap impatient (ahem) to get things professionally framed, so I like to do it myself. I like my frames simple and my mats big because the latter can make even little souvenir postcards look like Real Art. I think the best source for simple, clean-lined, inexpensive frames is IKEA. The trouble is, sometimes your “things to be framed” do not match the available mat-opening sizes. But, given that IKEA stuff is pretty much designed to be hacked, here is a quick and easy hack anyone can do.


I found the black frames for under $10 each (not on the website, alas) — I immediately fell for the wide black mat and the way it made the framed piece seem to float. I wasn’t so stuck on the plasticky black frames, but since I have a spray painting obsession, I was not too worried about them– I knew I could jeuje them up in a jiffy.  I bought three of them and then looked around for frames with the right sized opening to fit the slightly creepy line drawing postcards I picked up at the Louvre about 10 (!) years ago. I found some cute frames  with the appropriate-sized mats on sale for $3.99 each– I couldn’t have custom mats cut for that!

By layering the mats, I was able to get the larger frames’ mats to “fit” the small postcards and now I have three cute frames to use with any 5×7 “things to frame” that may make their way into my possession in the future. Win-win!


I admit that I am not stuck on the gold frames– I think spraying them gold made them look a bit cheap, but I have a couple of options in mind to fix that. If the prints were more modern or funky, the frames would probably look fine, but the gold frames look too traditional for me when paired with these particular images.  Oh, well– it’s fun to have another project!

delovelydelightful(Once again, grainy photos– SUCH a dark room!
It’s cosy, but it blows when it comes to taking photos!)

It Floats!

After that last post, I couldn’t stop thinking about the bathroom shelf situation. And something felt not quite….. right.

I just wasn’t sure about mixing the industrial shelf with the more polished vintage vibe of the ‘loo. I worried that a shelf that would look cool in a different kind of space, might just look cheap when mixed with the rest of the finishes in the bathroom.

And then I got an email from CB2. And in it, I found a floating acrylic shelf. Since I’ve been wondering how I could possibly work these (swoon alert!) into my home and coming up pretty well empty, I thought this pretty shelf might be a good compromise.


What I really like about this clever shelf is that it will pretty much disappear (given that it’s clear) yet the shine will work well with the other polished finishes in the room. And, since it’s basically invisible, I can style it up any way I choose. M will be So Thrilled at the prospect of having to hang another thing on the wall!
(He lives for it, I promise. Particularly when there is levelling involved. Good times. 😉 )

Happy weekend, everyone. (Maybe I’ll run into you at CB2…)

In An Ideal World


We finished our bathroom renovation about two years ago (to be honest, I’ve sort of blanked out the whole event in an involuntary act of sanity preservation…). But we still don’t have the train rack I thought I wanted for added storage.


Thing is, the only place to put it is on the wall above the toilet. Where the widest possible train rack that will fit  can be a maximum of 24″ wide. The two-foot wide train rack is, it turns out, a rare beast, seldom seen in the wild.
I managed to find this one:


BUT it has hooks along the bottom and that seems kind of weird to me– I mean, I don’t really want to hang towels above the toilet, dangling down near the toilet….
See where I’m going? I mean, I’m absolutely NOT a germaphobe. At all. (Ahem.)

BUT those hooks trouble me. I just don’t want my towels that close to the toilet.
On the other hand, I think they will look strange with nothing on them and, while I could dangle a cutesy little tchotchke from them, I am sorta trying to minimize the number of such items in my life.

So I was pretty excited to discover an appropriately-wide option with a bit more practicality– I could actually stash the extra t.p. on top, could put extra soap in a container on a shelf, could put the extra hand towels on one of the (higher) shelves. This shelf would enable me to clear some stuff out of my very full linen closet, too = win, win!

It is also less fancy than the ones I’d been looking at. I am trying to mix fancy and industrial, to avoid an overly matchy vibe in our house, so I think this style could work.
(I’ll know better when I see it in person.)


Sadly, the multiple shelf version is too tall, at 32″. It looks like I will be compromising going with the two-compartment option. I can hang it high enough to get the hand towels a safe (?!) distance from the toilet, I can still put t.p. on top and it will add functionality to both the bathroom and the linen closet.

I’ll keep you posted.

Studio Envy


I can’t remember how I stumbled on Iron & Twine, but I am so glad I did!


I love the freshness of Michelle’s master bedroom, but it is her studio that really makes my heart beat faster. Her use of pegboard is particularly inspiring.
Now, I love my own little sewing/crafting space and I know how lucky I am to have it, but I do covet a space with windows and LIGHT. The charming vintage vibe of this one is so appealing, don’t you think?


Want to see more? Check out the whole post here: Iron & Twine studio reveal.
Brace yourself– it’s goooood!


Let’s Go Shopping In London

Was Wednesday’s post too pretty for you? Too whimsical? Do you crave a more industrial edge?
Or, like me, do you think that a mixture of pretty, whimsical and industrial is Just About Perfect?

While we are on the subject of pretend shopping for our pretend homes, why not pop over the pond to London Town and drop in at Retrouvius?
(Fair warning– you might want to stick your credit card in the freezer before you click on that link…)

delovelydelightful1. This angle poise lamp comes in a variety of colours. I’ll take mint, thank you.
2. In a kitchen, in a dining room, in a home office, in a living room, in a bedroom– where wouldn’t this shelving unit look great?
3. I had no idea there were such things as “numbered vintage gym hooks,” but now that I do, I think they’d be divine in a dressing room or a mud room.
4. These coat hooks, reminiscent of antlers, are pretty darned awesome.

Happy Friday, everyone.
If you need me, I’ll be picking up this gorgeous item for my pretend home in London.