Let’s Go Shopping In Paris

And by shopping, I do mean pretend internet shopping. For my pretend home in France. Oh, heck, for BOTH my pretend homes in France– clearly I can’t be confined to Paris all the time, so I’ll need a place somewhere near Antibes as well.

Here is some loveliness from Caravane to add a little brightness to dark winter days here in the northern hemisphere:

delovelydelightful1 & 2
3 & 4

 How about a new dining room table (the link for which I cannot find…) for my fabulous apartment in St Germain/Montmartre/ the 4e?  I’ll need some pretty storage to organize my bibelots in my Parisian pied a terre, so I’ll add this whimsical little bunny canister and this colourful tray to my (incredibly chic, Provençale) shopping basket while I’m perusing the wares at Petite Friture.

delovelydelightful1, 2, 3.

What would you buy if you were shopping in Paris?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Go Shopping In Paris

    • I agree, Oxford Owl! Sadly, I am in the midst of a cushion moratorium, due to my fearsome addiction to the acquisition of cushions and cushion covers…

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