Let’s Go Shopping In London

Was Wednesday’s post too pretty for you? Too whimsical? Do you crave a more industrial edge?
Or, like me, do you think that a mixture of pretty, whimsical and industrial is Just About Perfect?

While we are on the subject of pretend shopping for our pretend homes, why not pop over the pond to London Town and drop in at Retrouvius?
(Fair warning– you might want to stick your credit card in the freezer before you click on that link…)

delovelydelightful1. This angle poise lamp comes in a variety of colours. I’ll take mint, thank you.
2. In a kitchen, in a dining room, in a home office, in a living room, in a bedroom– where wouldn’t this shelving unit look great?
3. I had no idea there were such things as “numbered vintage gym hooks,” but now that I do, I think they’d be divine in a dressing room or a mud room.
4. These coat hooks, reminiscent of antlers, are pretty darned awesome.

Happy Friday, everyone.
If you need me, I’ll be picking up this gorgeous item for my pretend home in London.



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