In An Ideal World


We finished our bathroom renovation about two years ago (to be honest, I’ve sort of blanked out the whole event in an involuntary act of sanity preservation…). But we still don’t have the train rack I thought I wanted for added storage.


Thing is, the only place to put it is on the wall above the toilet. Where the widest possible train rack that will fit  can be a maximum of 24″ wide. The two-foot wide train rack is, it turns out, a rare beast, seldom seen in the wild.
I managed to find this one:


BUT it has hooks along the bottom and that seems kind of weird to me– I mean, I don’t really want to hang towels above the toilet, dangling down near the toilet….
See where I’m going? I mean, I’m absolutely NOT a germaphobe. At all. (Ahem.)

BUT those hooks trouble me. I just don’t want my towels that close to the toilet.
On the other hand, I think they will look strange with nothing on them and, while I could dangle a cutesy little tchotchke from them, I am sorta trying to minimize the number of such items in my life.

So I was pretty excited to discover an appropriately-wide option with a bit more practicality– I could actually stash the extra t.p. on top, could put extra soap in a container on a shelf, could put the extra hand towels on one of the (higher) shelves. This shelf would enable me to clear some stuff out of my very full linen closet, too = win, win!

It is also less fancy than the ones I’d been looking at. I am trying to mix fancy and industrial, to avoid an overly matchy vibe in our house, so I think this style could work.
(I’ll know better when I see it in person.)


Sadly, the multiple shelf version is too tall, at 32″. It looks like I will be compromising going with the two-compartment option. I can hang it high enough to get the hand towels a safe (?!) distance from the toilet, I can still put t.p. on top and it will add functionality to both the bathroom and the linen closet.

I’ll keep you posted.


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