It Floats!

After that last post, I couldn’t stop thinking about the bathroom shelf situation. And something felt not quite….. right.

I just wasn’t sure about mixing the industrial shelf with the more polished vintage vibe of the ‘loo. I worried that a shelf that would look cool in a different kind of space, might just look cheap when mixed with the rest of the finishes in the bathroom.

And then I got an email from CB2. And in it, I found a floating acrylic shelf. Since I’ve been wondering how I could possibly work these (swoon alert!) into my home and coming up pretty well empty, I thought this pretty shelf might be a good compromise.


What I really like about this clever shelf is that it will pretty much disappear (given that it’s clear) yet the shine will work well with the other polished finishes in the room. And, since it’s basically invisible, I can style it up any way I choose. M will be So Thrilled at the prospect of having to hang another thing on the wall!
(He lives for it, I promise. Particularly when there is levelling involved. Good times. 😉 )

Happy weekend, everyone. (Maybe I’ll run into you at CB2…)


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