Take it to the Mat

I have a bit of a habit of picking up “things to frame.” I do it a lot when I am travelling. Then I come home and put them all in my “things to frame” folder.
Where they generally languish for years.
YEARS, Gentle Reader.

Let’s face it, I’m too cheap impatient (ahem) to get things professionally framed, so I like to do it myself. I like my frames simple and my mats big because the latter can make even little souvenir postcards look like Real Art. I think the best source for simple, clean-lined, inexpensive frames is IKEA. The trouble is, sometimes your “things to be framed” do not match the available mat-opening sizes. But, given that IKEA stuff is pretty much designed to be hacked, here is a quick and easy hack anyone can do.


I found the black frames for under $10 each (not on the website, alas) — I immediately fell for the wide black mat and the way it made the framed piece seem to float. I wasn’t so stuck on the plasticky black frames, but since I have a spray painting obsession, I was not too worried about them– I knew I could jeuje them up in a jiffy.  I bought three of them and then looked around for frames with the right sized opening to fit the slightly creepy line drawing postcards I picked up at the Louvre about 10 (!) years ago. I found some cute frames  with the appropriate-sized mats on sale for $3.99 each– I couldn’t have custom mats cut for that!

By layering the mats, I was able to get the larger frames’ mats to “fit” the small postcards and now I have three cute frames to use with any 5×7 “things to frame” that may make their way into my possession in the future. Win-win!


I admit that I am not stuck on the gold frames– I think spraying them gold made them look a bit cheap, but I have a couple of options in mind to fix that. If the prints were more modern or funky, the frames would probably look fine, but the gold frames look too traditional for me when paired with these particular images.  Oh, well– it’s fun to have another project!

delovelydelightful(Once again, grainy photos– SUCH a dark room!
It’s cosy, but it blows when it comes to taking photos!)


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