Cats, 4; Cables, 0

Here is a sneak peek at a little project I undertook over the weekend. We have spent FAR TOO MUCH MONEY replacing charger cables that our cats have eaten right through. Our current batch of charger cables is the third or fourth replacement set. Given that there are two of us and we each need a charger, that kind of turnover rate can put a serious dent in the monthly budget. Plus, it’s a total pain to find your computer out of juice because the charger cord has been nommed into nothingness while you slept…

Last week, when our single remaining charger succumbed to the gnashings of tiny, feline fangs,  I finally said: “Enough. Is. Enough.” 


Thus, in a bid to keep our feline familiars from destroying the most recent batch of cables,
(not to mention preventing the damage to their little catty brains from the electrical charge!)
I spent some time “wrapping” the wires in a sort of macramé/braided casing. I’m hoping the braid will serve as a deterrent, as the texture is not the same as the rubbery cable in its naked state (is that what they find so appealing?).  I’m also hoping that, should someone still feel compelled to teethe on the cord, the wrapping will protect the cable from sharp little fangs.
I’ll post a wee “how-to” later in the week, in case you need it.


In the meantime, we shall see how this preventative measure works out…


7 thoughts on “Cats, 4; Cables, 0

  1. Yes, Joanne, that thought did occur to me, particularly as one of the culprits was Very Interested in the project as I was working on it. Am considering spraying the cords with vinegar or Bitter Apple in order to deter the chewers. I figure the fabric braid will provide a good surface to soak up the spray.

  2. this is such a funny post!! but the end result is very stylish! I have been seeing this all over Pinterest saying that it helps the cord last longer as well. do you feel that it will? an I also am dying to know how it goes with your cats! I feel like it might make it more appealing but I hope not!

    • Britney Lee, the hilarious (or just plain depressing) thing is, I have no idea if it will make the cords last longer in a chomp-free household as, alas, we have never had ours last long enough for them to wear out from regular wear-and-tear! 🙂 Hopefully it will make them last longer for us! I’ll keep you posted, though. Lol.

      It was fun to do, I must say. I got the idea from a student of mine who covered her earbud cord in order to prevent her little sister from being able to steal it and then deny she’d done so; personalizing it made it theft-proof!

      • that is such a good idea! customizing so no one can steal it haha luckily I never had that problem with my little sister. well I hope it will last a lot longer for you!! though it might do the opposite and make it more appealing to your cat(s) lol

  3. Oh my, are you buying the Apple brand chargers? One of my kitties chomped through my cord a few months ago, and after looking at the sorry reviews and price of the Apple chargers, I bought a third party brand from Amazon. If anything, you’ll be able to buy more extra chargers for the price in the event this one gets chomped through!

    • What great advice! Thank you! We ARE buying the wretched Apple chargers and it is KILLING me! I will check out Amazon, thanks to our great tip!

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