Good Idea. Sort Of.

If you’d like to see how I went about wrapping our computer cables, read on!


In case you want to cover your cables for decorative purposes (as opposed to for prophylactic purposes– more on that later), here is a quick tutorial. If you went to camp or grew up in the 70s, chances are you already have mad macramé skilz, but if not, never fear!
This little project is super-easy. Time-consuming, but easy.

So fire up the latest season of House of Cards, and settle in to keep your fingers busy.


I used some hand-dyed (is there any other kind?) hemp twine I picked up a few years back in the Hippie Hemp Capital of the Universe: Nelson, B.C.
The twine is soft and a good weight for wrapping the computer cable, but it could look pretty with silk cord or really fuzzy wool.  Ooh! What about ombré wool?!

I began by wrapping the twine around clothespins, in order to keep it corralled and to form a kind of shuttle that allowed me to unroll a manageable length at a time. I learned this via trial and error– for my iPad cable, I was wrestling with a messy ball of twine that had me saying the sorts of things I wouldn’t say in front of my grandmother. Ahem.


Ready? Start at the “small” end of the charger (so that you can weave the tail of twine into your wrapping and keep it clean-looking), and tie a knot around the cable. When you start wrapping, you will wrap around the tail of twine as well as the cable, so that the tail gets hidden neatly away. Follow the instructions on the images below. It’s important to keep the twine going in the same direction as you wrap, or you will not get the spiral “spine” feature on your wrapped cable.



That’s it– keep wrapping until your cord is covered.
When you get to the end, cut the twine and wrap a piece of pretty washi tape around it to keep it neat and to prevent it from unravelling.



Easy, right?
Pretty, right?

Effective…..? WRONG.
Exhibit A:


Le sigh.




6 thoughts on “Good Idea. Sort Of.

    • I know, Britney Lee! I should have listened to you! How hilarious is that final pic of her, with her fangs out?! Next step: spraying/dousing hemp wrap with vinegar or citrus or something else cat-repellent-y…. 🙂

      • it is pretty dang hilarious. and it’s hilarious that she’s doing it right in front of you too! “oh look a new toy” lol I think doing that would help tremendously. something nasty tasty maybe not too smelly though cause then it’ll smell up your house.

      • I am thinking maybe orange oil? Cats hate citrus and I LOVE it, so I’m hoping it will be a deterrent. There is always cayenne pepper– I use it in my outdoor planters to deter pesky squirrels and it seems to work. I don’t want to use anything toxic, obviously, but nor do I want my house to smell like vinegar– ew! 😉

      • So far, so good with the charger covers. (Fingers crossed, spits on ground, from-my-lips-to-god’s-ears, etc, etc). I am still VERY careful with the cords, but they do seem to be less interesting to felines…

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