It has been a looooooong week and I am looking forward to a quiet couple of days to recharge my battery.
This space, found over at the always-gorgeous Lottilou, embodies the relaxed, cozy, soothing feeling I am hoping for this weekend.


What are you up to this Oscar weekend?


4 thoughts on “TGIF

    • Oh, I can’t actually WATCH the Oscars– they are on waaaay too late for this lady. I do settle in for a good ol’ red carpet viewing, though! Can you live stream that on your computer, or is it all just way too middle-of-the-night for you?

  1. I doubt I’ll be watching the oscars but I know I too will be dreaming if this space. You know what I love most about it? The book shelves don’t tower all the way up to the ceiling! I’m sooooo tire of the library look. Yes, it’s good storage, but I can never reach what I want and the books feel oppressive rather than inviting.

    So this look woke up my senses and I thank you for that!

    • I agree– we are planning LOW built-ins in our TV room, in order to keep the wall free for artwork. I colour-coded our bookshelves in the office and that makes them feel fresher and “lighter,” somehow. Until you named the problem in this comment, I hadn’t really realized I felt that way! Thanks for that!

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