Hop To It


Recently, I was overcome by the NEED TO SEW SOMETHING. It had been far too long since I had made anything from scratch and I was longing to get out my sewing machine and some fabric. Serendipitously enough, I stumbled upon this post about Mandi‘s home-sewn bunnies.  Aren’t they adorable? I couldn’t wait to make a few of my own!


I put my own spin on the size and shape, but I really loved the mis-matched eyes and the quirky personalities of Mandi’s bunnies, so I made sure to give my funny bunnies similar.


These ones will be making their way to some little ones I know and love. This weekend will see me whipping up a few more in order to get them off to their destinations in time for Easter.





What are you up to this weekend?


Blinded By The Bright


On a budget? Who isn’t, really?
Here is a way to brighten up for spring (in the northern hemisphere, that is) without breaking the bank.


Take an IKEA blind and a table runner (or any pretty bit of fabric!) and stitch the latter to the bottom of the former.

Ta-da! Bright, cheery, custom blinds on a budget!
Total cost: under $25 per blind.
I made two and it took me all of two (very fun) hours.
I love (near-) instant gratification, don’t you?

These are for a friend’s kitchen in her new place. Since I can’t yet show you how they look installed, I made a (blurry!) little gif.


Happy weekend, everyone!


While I was at Ikea recently, getting sucked into buying a bunch of pretty things I really don’t need, er, picking up napkins, I fell for this adorable bedding. I had already snagged a pair of cushion covers in a similar fabric a few months back and they make me smile every time I see them. Clearly I had to have the pretty linen bedding, too!


It’s bright, it’s cheerful, it would go a long way toward bringing the guest room into the 21st century. Except it looked wretched with the bedskirt (I totally forgot about the bedskirt when I bought the bedding…). No worries, I knew just what to do– I would whip up a bedskirt from some of the pretty linen tea-towelling they have at Designer Fabric.
In red. Perfect.

Except the red was sold out.
Which meant I had to sacrifice the pretty table runner I’d made over Christmas and turn it into a bedskirt.
It looks just as I’d hoped– bright and homey.


Of course, I also needed new toss cushion covers. I made them out of fabric I’ve been saving to cover a mid-century chair I plan to put in our TV room when it gets remodelled. One day.
(Don’t worry– I still have enough to cover the chair!)
The silly bird print looks perfect with the sunny polka dots.

The trouble is, I like the way the bed looks (and it does, admittedly, look better in person than in the photos), but the room does not gel any more.  I am all for a little design tension, but this is just off. I am going to have to go back to the drawing board, I think. Which is sad because I love the polka dots.

Fear not, Gentle Reader– I have a plan!

Merry. Bright.

This year, I am keeping it simple.


A linen runner that reminds me of France, a few graphic trees and my favourite candle holders.


Runner– made by me. Votives & wooden trees, West Elm.



Dickinson, that is.


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune– without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.


One of my favourite poems inspired a bit of bunting I gave to an English teacher friend for her birthday. The gorgeous embroidered rick-rack came from a lovely little shop in Bath— alas, I cannot remember what it was called.
The buttons are made of tagua and I bought them in Ecuador.

You could easily do something similar with a holiday theme.

The Sun

…will come out tomorrow. Or so goes a line from my BFF’s favourite musical.
(Though asking her to pick a favourite musical is like asking a mother to choose her favourite child, to be honest.)

Last year, for her birthday, I sent a little treat her way. I thought she might like to hang it up in her office space, to help her keep her chin up on those days we all have at work now and then, the days when we wish someone would burst into song and do a little tap dance to make us smile.


I made her some mini-bunting (flags are 3.5 inches tall), using some delicious fabric I had bought at the insanely amazing Beyond Fabrics on the Columbia Road and had been hoarding to be used for Something Very Special.
What could be more special than the birthday of someone you love?


I hand-lettered the lyrics from that famous song onto the plain pennants and then sewed some sweet little buttons on as embellishment. It hangs in her office now and, I hope, makes her smile when she sees it.


Last week I was commissioned to make my former (now retired– lucky girl!) boss some shoe clips to tart up her Louboutins so that they would go with a new outfit she plans to wear to a wedding.

These were our inspiration:


Here is what I came up with. It was so much fun and not at all difficult– why not try it out? Shoe clips are tiny, so you can make them with scraps you have on-hand. I am excited to whip up some more over the next few weeks.

I got my clips at Sussman’s, but they are readily available online (for less!) if you can’t find a local supplier.

I both stitched and glued the clips I made– I wanted them to be sturdy, so a tiny bit of hot glue under the clip itself just added a bit of security to my hand-stitching.

The next step was to wrap them up nicely and send them on their way to adorn a pair of shoes much fancier than my cheapies! 😉 Here’s to dancing the night away in pretty shoes!


The final installment in my little retrospective of my crafty wares stall of last weekend is a look at both the most and least successful of my products.

So, the memo boards? HUGE, ENORMOUS success. First of all, I priced them (low) to make them affordable to students. And they went nuts for them. It started with the boarding school girls, all of whom hang white boards on their bedroom doors (remember doing that in residence at university?). They LOVED the memo boards. They spread the word. Which then took hold like wildfire. Of 40 memo boards, I have 3 left. Will definitely do them again.

Not a hit? The MAGNETS! What? Hello? I have no idea why not– little bits of sweetness, I thought they’d sell out. I suspect that a weird psychological thing (yes, that is the medical term…) happened: I priced them too low and, thus, instead of thinking, “Hey! What a deal! Those’d be great stocking stuffers/look awesome on my fridge/locker, etc.”, people thought, “Those are so cheap they must not be any good.” Either that or they thought, “Ew. Those are hideous.” But they were rhapsodizing over how cute they were, so I just don’t get why they didn’t really buy them…. Guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas?! 🙂

A few people bought my sweet little gift tags, but not many. I love these– I loved the ones I made with 1920s slang sayings on them, in particular (after they failed to sell last year, I have been using them on gifts I’ve given over the past year).

What the market wants– it’s a mystery. Go figure. 🙂

Have a great weekend; Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks!

And the Winner Is….

….Palette #1!

Thanks for all your input, Interweb. I liked both palettes, but thought for sure that the homeowner would choose #2, so I was (at first) surprised to see she’d chosen Palette #1. Now I think I know why– Palette #2 involved a lot more pattern and that can be a bit scary.

I think it will look fantastic and I can’t wait to see the finished room! We will have to wait a few weeks for that, however, as the furniture is not on deck to be recovered until early October.

I have spent a few days making the cushion covers. What do you think?

I trimmed one of the large ones with a lovely little silk ruffle from France, but once I got it on there, I decided I might actually prefer the cushions without it.

I will let the homeowner decide– it is just as easy to add it to one pillow as it is to take it off the other, depending on her preference. Below, you can see the cushion on the left with the trim.

I am particularly thrilled with the crewel-work; the fabric is such a spare, modern take on a classic fabric that it keeps the scheme from being too fussy or stuffy.