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Details, details


I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Enter this funky hare’s head hook from Anthropologie. This is not where I had planned to use it, but it turned out to be the perfect place to hang one of my treasured vintage handbags. It’s a bit unexpected to have it on the side of the hutch, which adds a little jeuje of personality to the makeover of the piece.


This side of the hutch is visible from the upstairs landing, so it makes a little statement and provides some visual interest, while hinting at the personality of the room.
Adding the hook to the side of the hutch also adds to the storage capacity of the piece.
Hooks– they’re not just for walls anymore!


A Room of One’s Own, Take II

Further to Wednesday’s post, here is an inspiration board I created for the teenager who has chosen turquoise as her colour for her room. This one is especially tricky– turquoise can be really muddy and dark. Luckily, her room is north-facing, so the cool light will be lovely with shades of aqua and turquoise.

Once again, I recommend getting the colour from bed linens and accessories, rather than the walls. With white walls, this colour scheme will make for a very soothing, calming sleeping space.


1, 2 – Fashion-inspired prints by Lucy Snowe
3 – a wrought iron bed is perfect in a girl’s room
4 – a pop of the chosen shade in a low dresser (which could also serve as a bedside table!)
5 – pretty sheets
6 – I like a pendant suspended next to the bed as a bedside lamp. How cute would this one look, floating above that bright dresser?
7 – a patterned rug
8 – boho-inspired duvet and shams– don’t be afraid to mix patterns for a fresh, modern look.

Sources: 1, 2 etsy; 3-8 Anthropologie.

Happy weekend, everyone!
(Enjoy your May 2-4, my fellow Canucks!)



I guard my Sundays jealously. Ferociously, really.
I like to start off the week/end the weekend quietly.


From September to June, my Sundays afternoons are given over to  Girding My Loins.
I mean, Getting Ready For The Week Ahead.
Part of the prep is the ritual of having a restful soak.


Since we (finally!) finished our bathroom reno last year, I can really indulge.
Something that smells pretty, something that looks pretty , a soothing cuppa and a good read are all part of the ritual.


Blue Christmas

Chameleon plate. Salad servers.

Christmas wish list, that is!

In my second wish list post of the season, here are some pale aqua
(one of my favourite colours)
lovelies I am dreaming of finding under the tree this year.

Chalkboard storage jars.

Wouldn’t they look perfect in this incarnation of my dream kitchen?

Kitchen design by Albertsson Hansen Architecture.


Santa, Baby

We don’t do Christmas lists in my family– do you? I am not a fan of the kind of list that contains lots of practical things like screwdrivers or snow shovels. Rather, I like the idea of dreaming up a wish-list of lovely things and then not  knowing whether or not any of them will wind up under the tree on the 25th. A true wish list, a dream big, extravagant, frivolous kind of wish list. Not to say you can’t put practical things on your wish list, just aim for the most beautiful version of said practical things.

Fr’instance, if someone were to ask me this year, I’d want to replace all our horrible, old, cheap glassware with these beauties from Anthropologie. I would love to sip from these every day; I’d feel decadent and elegant. And lucky!

And I could use them with this gorgeous platter.

And while I’m on the subject of wish lists, Santa….

Kitchen designed by Paola Navone.