Rainy Days & Mondays

Inspired by this room today.




Crazy Sexy Pom Pom


 You might remember this from the festive season.

I loved the look of the pink glass bauble dangling from the antler of our golden ibex (or whatever he is) and I missed it when I de-Christmasified.


Serendipitously, I found myself with some of leftover Crazy Sexy Wool in Hot Punk Pink after I knit myself my fabulous Billie Collar from Wool and the Gang.
I figured it was just about enough to make a big ol’ pompom. So I made one!


I love the way it adds a pop of brightness to the wall above our bed.



The size I chose to make was probably a bit too big for the amount of wool I had leftover, but I like the way the “looser” pompom allows for the movement in the wool to be visible. It is the most amazingly soft, thick wool and I like that I can see its sort of curly texture.


Feel like making a giant pompom or two this weekend?
Here is a tutorial.
(I used a rectangular cardboard piece cut out of a box, rather than using an embroidery hoop.)


Have you ever renovated, updated or made over a space?

If not, I am here to let you in on a secret: a small change leads to more changes.
A big change, leads to MANY changes.
Thus it was with our new flooring upstairs. Once it was in, the whole tenor of the second floor changed so much that we began to see all the things we’d been ignoring for….um…. years. One day, M said to me, “Well, I guess you’d better find a bed.” And so, the hunt was on.

In the end, we went with the Deuce. It really is a great-looking bed, even though it requires that we get rid of the box spring (seriously, do you need a brand-new, totally bed-bug free, queen box spring? I can totally hook you up and then it wouldn’t end up in landfill…).

And then, I started thinking about how to bring it all together with a few little updates.
Snowball, anyone?

Here are some of the ideas dancing around inside my noggin at the moment:


1. The Deuce bed by Novogratz
2. Jumpin’ on the faux taxidermy bandwagon
3. Sconces, instead of bedside lamps. These ones make my heart go pitter-pat.
4. Ordered this baby online for a deep discount. Can’t wait to see it in person!


5. Since we need new sheets anyway, why not these?
6. Drool-worthy much?
7. As above.
8. One of these on our white duvet covers would be rather gorgeous.
(No link because I can’t remember where I found them. Womp, womp…)

A Room of One’s Own, Take II

Further to Wednesday’s post, here is an inspiration board I created for the teenager who has chosen turquoise as her colour for her room. This one is especially tricky– turquoise can be really muddy and dark. Luckily, her room is north-facing, so the cool light will be lovely with shades of aqua and turquoise.

Once again, I recommend getting the colour from bed linens and accessories, rather than the walls. With white walls, this colour scheme will make for a very soothing, calming sleeping space.


1, 2 – Fashion-inspired prints by Lucy Snowe
3 – a wrought iron bed is perfect in a girl’s room
4 – a pop of the chosen shade in a low dresser (which could also serve as a bedside table!)
5 – pretty sheets
6 – I like a pendant suspended next to the bed as a bedside lamp. How cute would this one look, floating above that bright dresser?
7 – a patterned rug
8 – boho-inspired duvet and shams– don’t be afraid to mix patterns for a fresh, modern look.

Sources: 1, 2 etsy; 3-8 Anthropologie.

Happy weekend, everyone!
(Enjoy your May 2-4, my fellow Canucks!)

A Room of One’s Own

delovelydelightfulPhoto source.

A dear friend of mine is getting ready to welcome two teenaged girls into her home. While the girls won’t be there all the time, it’s important that each has her own room and that she feels like it really is hers. To that end, the girls have been given free reign with the colour choice.  Both girls have chosen pretty colours, but the thing is, I am pretty sure that when most people think about “choosing a colour” for a room, we think of painting the walls that colour. But there is more than one way to create a “coloured” room.

I think the best idea is to stick with a fairly neutral wall colour and to work in your favourite shade(s) through other elements. The result is not only less oppressive, it is also crisper and more modern. In a bedroom, the result is lighter and fresher– easier to live with, more restful. Also, if (when!) you change your mind, it’s easy to switch up to a new shade.

 Here is some inspiration for the elder girl’s room; she chose yellow and her room faces south,
so there will be lots of lovely light. Wouldn’t a room with decor like this be pretty?


1, 2 — whimsical prints by Amanda Catherine
3 – a pearly dresser, for a feminine touch
4 – crisp bedding in her chosen shade
5 – a swing-arm bedside lamp with a Parisienne sensibility
6 – a white wrought-iron bedstead (I’d wrap fairy lights in the headboard!)
7 – a pretty rug
8 – a curvy bedside table to hold a pile of good books

Sources: 1, 2- etsy; 3-8 – Anthropologie


While I was at Ikea recently, getting sucked into buying a bunch of pretty things I really don’t need, er, picking up napkins, I fell for this adorable bedding. I had already snagged a pair of cushion covers in a similar fabric a few months back and they make me smile every time I see them. Clearly I had to have the pretty linen bedding, too!


It’s bright, it’s cheerful, it would go a long way toward bringing the guest room into the 21st century. Except it looked wretched with the bedskirt (I totally forgot about the bedskirt when I bought the bedding…). No worries, I knew just what to do– I would whip up a bedskirt from some of the pretty linen tea-towelling they have at Designer Fabric.
In red. Perfect.

Except the red was sold out.
Which meant I had to sacrifice the pretty table runner I’d made over Christmas and turn it into a bedskirt.
It looks just as I’d hoped– bright and homey.


Of course, I also needed new toss cushion covers. I made them out of fabric I’ve been saving to cover a mid-century chair I plan to put in our TV room when it gets remodelled. One day.
(Don’t worry– I still have enough to cover the chair!)
The silly bird print looks perfect with the sunny polka dots.

The trouble is, I like the way the bed looks (and it does, admittedly, look better in person than in the photos), but the room does not gel any more.  I am all for a little design tension, but this is just off. I am going to have to go back to the drawing board, I think. Which is sad because I love the polka dots.

Fear not, Gentle Reader– I have a plan!

I Get Antsy…

…if I haven’t had a project for a while.
Now that I am not wrapping presents and decking the halls, I look around our little house and wonder what I can get my mitts on in the way of a project….

Obviously, ripping out the kitchen, adding a pantry and screened-in room off the back of the house, replacing/fixing our front porch, resurfacing the driveway, building a new garage and (finally) getting the front yard landscaped are all worthy and deserving projects that MUST be tackled. The sooner, the better, really. But, since the budget and the work schedule cannot accommodate those projects, I decided to give the guest room a bit of a facelift.


I like our guest room a lot. It is a good size (though it has no closet), the bed is really comfy and it is home to some favourite antiques, a combination of heirlooms and my own thrifty scores. I filled it up with my usual mix of inherited bits (vintage suitcase to store my belts, my grandmother’s cedar chest, M’s great-grandfather’s Windsor chair), salvaged bits (antique iron finials, some chairs decoupaged for a school play,a piece of wrapping paper framed above the bed, cards & postcards framed), and some cheap and cheerful antique store scores (the flaking hoosier that holds my handbags, the bedstead– half of which remains in the basement because I need to build a better frame to support the mattress). And I was happy with it. I made the duvet cover and the bedskirt, as well as the curtain (not shown) and I really, really liked the whole look for a very long time. But I am a bit tired of the bedding. The bedding is well over 10 years old now and I am not so into the toile look anymore, even though it works well with the rest of the room.


I decided it was time to freshen up a bit! Stay tuned to see how it worked out.