I Have a Crush on You

I have a big crush on this little corner of the Paris home of Giambattista Valli:



The weather here is finally getting spring-like so I plan to spend some time on a patio or two this weekend as I return to my university stomping grounds with some dear friends.

Whatever you get up to, have a great weekend!
Happy Mothers’ Day to my wonderful mum, MIL, stepmum and my sisters-in-law! xo


Circular Impressions

A few weeks back, I managed to snag the only Nate Berkus brass lamp base in the store at my local Target. I had had my eye on it online, so I was pretty chuffed when I ran across it.
I snapped it right up, even though there really wasn’t a shade that worked with it.

Luckily (M would certainly choose another word…), I am a lampshade hoarder, so I knew I’d have something in my stash that I could use to finish it off. In the end, the only thing I had that was the right scale was a plain white linen shade.
It looked okay. But it was, to be honest, too white for the room.

The search for the right shade was on.
I tried the coordinating Nate shade, in navy. Didn’t suit the room.
I found a burlap-esque one at Homesense and tried it. It was okay, but a bit too small and it made the light too dim.


Then, I noticed Jana Bek‘s lovely desk lamps in her Instagram feed.


I’d seen them around the interwebz and liked them, but Jana had made her OWN version and I thought to myself, “Self, this idea could be adapted to solve the lampshade problem….”  I figured I could easily transfer the painting idea from the base to the shade. Why not?


Out came my favourite new paint and my brushes. I took a deep breath and….painted.
It looked….not too bad!
But the shade was lacking something, so I taped off the top and added a band of gold.


I’m pretty happy with it. I will (because it’s just the way I roll) probably keep looking for the Absolutely Perfect Shade, but this one works just fine for now. The shade only cost $20, so it’s not a huge investment if I find something better down the line.


Inspired by…

… a vintage metal desk.
Wouldn’t these pretties make for a lovely home office?
Or office-office, for that matter?


Vintage Lucite Letter
Pale pink, gilded bergere chair
Desk lamp (pitter-pat goes my heart! And it’s on sale.…)
Silk rug (gasp!)
Vintage metal desk


Let’s Go Shopping

…for my imaginary London pied a terre!
Of course it’s in a light-filled Hampstead garret– a bit out of the way, but worth it for the character of the ‘hood.
And I can always hop on the overground and travel a few stops to visit  LHR, Graphic Definer & Russell at Dalston Abbey.


1. This sofa is Absolutely Perfect.
2. There is a reason this side table is ubiquitous– it looks great and the price is right!
(This one is pretty darned gorgeous, too. Perhaps I’ll take one of each!)
3. This fabric would make gorgeous toss cushions.
It’s from LHR’s friend D’s new shop, Fabricspark.
Check out her pretty, pretty fabrics– you won’t be sorry!


I am a big fan of a little tension in décor; I think the best rooms have a bit of the unexpected in them.
I also think it is this element of surprise that keeps a room from looking dated.

I like the idea of suspending a pretty-yet-industrial pendant over a feminine, traditional chaise in a floral print to create a spot for putting your feet up and enjoying a good book. Play with scale– the large pendant will keep things from getting overly cutesy– as well with a mix of styles. Layer a bright, modern flat-weave rug under the chaise and add a chunky brass table (for your cup of tea or glass of wine!) and you have a perfect, girly nook that looks crisp and contemporary, rather than frilly .






(Rug, cube & chaise from here.)

Tip: this look works because the woven metal of the pendant shade echoes the shape of the trellis print in the dhurrie rug and the lime of the rug ties in with the same colour in the floral. Easy, right?

I’m Just A Girl Who Can’t Say No

While I was at The Door Store, I found myself torn between two pairs of brass beauties.
Naturally, I bought both sets.


These ones are candle sconces on swing-arms (!), and not nearly as old as the French brackets from last post,
but I couldn’t resist them. Did I mention that they are swing-arms? 😉

I know I will find a use for them somewhere.