Young Man’s Fancy

Well, to be more accurate, this gal’s fancy…
You know how Tennyson put it in “Locksley Hall”– ‘In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.’ Well, in the summer, my fancy turns to thoughts of finishing all the many projects we have on the go.

At the top of my list is making some kind of start in our benighted kitchen. We need an architect, we need permits, we need cabinetry… The list is super-long.

In the meantime, here are some images that are inspiring me with respect to our kitchen.
It will be black.

And white.
delovelydelightfulDream house. Princess Margaret Lottery Home. Found here.

And I think this amazing wallpaper will go behind the open shelves along one wall.
(Imma hafta FIGHT for that design decision, believe me! 😉 )



All In The Family

My sister-in-law has great taste. Her home is chic and modern and crisp and fun, just like her and her family. So I was really flattered when she texted me last week to ask for help with some design advice.  Quicker than you can say “Pinterest,” I was on the job! I set up a joint pin board for us and I started pinning away with my ideas to help her update her kitchen/dining space to make it more functional for her busy family.

Here are a few of the things on her “Must Have” list:

-a “command centre” to keep all my adorable niece & nephew’s school forms, calendars, etc in order
(Did I mention that my niece and nephew are ADORABLE?!)
-space to store stuff— table linens, my brother-in-law’s protein powder (man likes to work out!), all the trappings that come with kids, etc.
-new light for over the table
-cupboard storage reorganization

Not surprisingly, she and I are really on the same page with respect to the vibe/feel of the space– she even pinned some stuff that I had envisioned in my head but had not yet pinned!
Here are some of the images she added to our joint pin board:


Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.

These inspiration photos are very similar to what I had in mind for the space.
Stay tuned to see what I’ve got up my sleeve in Wednesday’s post!

Blue Christmas

Chameleon plate. Salad servers.

Christmas wish list, that is!

In my second wish list post of the season, here are some pale aqua
(one of my favourite colours)
lovelies I am dreaming of finding under the tree this year.

Chalkboard storage jars.

Wouldn’t they look perfect in this incarnation of my dream kitchen?

Kitchen design by Albertsson Hansen Architecture.


Santa, Baby

We don’t do Christmas lists in my family– do you? I am not a fan of the kind of list that contains lots of practical things like screwdrivers or snow shovels. Rather, I like the idea of dreaming up a wish-list of lovely things and then not  knowing whether or not any of them will wind up under the tree on the 25th. A true wish list, a dream big, extravagant, frivolous kind of wish list. Not to say you can’t put practical things on your wish list, just aim for the most beautiful version of said practical things.

Fr’instance, if someone were to ask me this year, I’d want to replace all our horrible, old, cheap glassware with these beauties from Anthropologie. I would love to sip from these every day; I’d feel decadent and elegant. And lucky!

And I could use them with this gorgeous platter.

And while I’m on the subject of wish lists, Santa….

Kitchen designed by Paola Navone.