Crazy Sexy Pom Pom


 You might remember this from the festive season.

I loved the look of the pink glass bauble dangling from the antler of our golden ibex (or whatever he is) and I missed it when I de-Christmasified.


Serendipitously, I found myself with some of leftover Crazy Sexy Wool in Hot Punk Pink after I knit myself my fabulous Billie Collar from Wool and the Gang.
I figured it was just about enough to make a big ol’ pompom. So I made one!


I love the way it adds a pop of brightness to the wall above our bed.



The size I chose to make was probably a bit too big for the amount of wool I had leftover, but I like the way the “looser” pompom allows for the movement in the wool to be visible. It is the most amazingly soft, thick wool and I like that I can see its sort of curly texture.


Feel like making a giant pompom or two this weekend?
Here is a tutorial.
(I used a rectangular cardboard piece cut out of a box, rather than using an embroidery hoop.)


Heads Up!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, if that is what you celebrate. If not, I hope you had a nice few days off to rest and relax. We had a wonderful day with family, following a few days of the warm company of our dearest friends, LHR and GraphicDefiner.


In addition to all the regular festive preparations, we were also pretty darned busy getting Delovely HQ in ship-shape for the arrival of all our guests. The weekend prior to their arrival, the Mr and I spent some quality time with power tools and paint brushes, sprucing up the master bedroom. Not that anyone besides us stays in there, but it is the first thing one sees upon climbing the stairs, so I wanted it to look nice.

So, let’s begin, shall we? First, I had to paint and repair my groovy faux taxidermy bargains. (As you know, often a bargain comes with the caveat that the item is damaged.) You’ve already had a sneak peek at the golden ibex makeover, but here is how I went about fixing the hole-y ram’s horn.


First, I looked around to see what I supplies I had on-hand
& then I worked a bit of plastic (haha!) surgery magic:


Using the glue as a kind of shellac/glue hybrid, I pasted a scrap of cotton fabric over the hole. The topcoat of glue helped to seal the hole and to allow the fabric to harden into a paintable surface. I made sure to use cotton so that the glue would saturate it nicely and so that the fabric was soft enough to be worked into the grooves in the horn. I let it dry overnight, sprayed it with some primer and then painted it up with my beloved Blackberry Punch.


In the meantime, our new bed had created a bit of a wrinkle in Operation Master Bedroom Spruce-Up: the colour of the bed, while grey, is a much blue-er grey than the warm grey on the walls. The result? Jarring and kinda hideous. Suddenly, I found myself faced with having to repaint the bedroom. Le sigh.

Off I trotted to get some sample pots. I painted big swatches of each colour on each wall of our bedroom; I wanted to make sure that I could see how each one “read” in the changing light throughout the day, and to make sure that I got a sense of those changes from every angle. One of the things I loved best about our former paint colour was how it shifted and altered as the light in the room changed over the course of the day.


Paint Colour Swatches:
1. Dark Pewter
2. Pewter
3. Downpour
4. Chinchilla
5. French Silver

We lived with enormous splotches of 5 different paint colours on our walls for weeks before I finally committed to Chinchilla, by Martha Stewart. Um, yes, that is the colour that appears to be invisible in the photos… Ahem. My favourite colour was actually Down Pipe, but both the Mr and I were concerned that it might make the room too dark– we both love our sunny southern exposure. Chinchilla is very similar to our former shade, Mount Rainier by the now-defunct Ralph Lauren line of paint, but it is bluer. I don’t love it the way I loved the former shade (I fear it makes our trim and dressers look too yellow… hello, decor snowball…), but it does look good with the bed. 🙂


The little guy is sporting a nod to Christmas decor.

I will post a proper tour of Operation Master Bedroom Spruce-Up once we have a day sunny enough for me to take some quasi-decent photos. I’d like you to see the whole effect, from antique French sconce-supports to new dhurrie rug, to new bedding. But for now, I hope you like this little glimpse of the faux taxidermy and the cute print (by local lovely, Steph Sterjovski!) I picked up to go with the “heads.”




Have you ever renovated, updated or made over a space?

If not, I am here to let you in on a secret: a small change leads to more changes.
A big change, leads to MANY changes.
Thus it was with our new flooring upstairs. Once it was in, the whole tenor of the second floor changed so much that we began to see all the things we’d been ignoring for….um…. years. One day, M said to me, “Well, I guess you’d better find a bed.” And so, the hunt was on.

In the end, we went with the Deuce. It really is a great-looking bed, even though it requires that we get rid of the box spring (seriously, do you need a brand-new, totally bed-bug free, queen box spring? I can totally hook you up and then it wouldn’t end up in landfill…).

And then, I started thinking about how to bring it all together with a few little updates.
Snowball, anyone?

Here are some of the ideas dancing around inside my noggin at the moment:


1. The Deuce bed by Novogratz
2. Jumpin’ on the faux taxidermy bandwagon
3. Sconces, instead of bedside lamps. These ones make my heart go pitter-pat.
4. Ordered this baby online for a deep discount. Can’t wait to see it in person!


5. Since we need new sheets anyway, why not these?
6. Drool-worthy much?
7. As above.
8. One of these on our white duvet covers would be rather gorgeous.
(No link because I can’t remember where I found them. Womp, womp…)

Dream a Little Dream

So, about the whole “let’s be grown-ups and [finally] get a bed-stead” thing. There were quite a few beds in the running. I started out here, but M vetoed it, saying the legs would just be near-lethal tripping hazards.
You’ve got to admit, the man has a point. But letting go of this one really hurt.

Next, I thought about upholstered headboards/footboards.
Again, M pointed out the problem with keeping them clean. Again, he has a point, particularly since one of my pet peeves in life is that he seems to be very hard on pretty much every piece of furniture we own. Couple that fact with our tendency to have coffee in bed on weekend mornings and the upholstered bed began to look like a very bad idea.

Okay, back to the drawing board. M asked for wood or metal.
I looooooooove this bed (it looks so great in the French farmhouse where I live in my head….), but it is not practical in our space and I worry that leaning against the “headboard” would not be comfortable.

So, a wooden bed would be the way to go. Trouble is, most of these are very traditional and a bit, um….. fustier than I am aiming for in our room, where we already have a fair bit of traditional going on. I want to bring in a bit of modern crispness & some vintage industrial vibe to create some pleasing design tension in the space.

Enter these babies. I found them in the most unexpected (to me) place– Ethan Allen!
You can choose from about a dozen different colours.
I have a major thing for the dark navy (not shown, so you should really surf on over and check it out)….
It would be sooo gorgeous in our grey room!


My first crush was on the Quincy bed:


M deemed it too girly, as I knew he would.
It’s particularly swoon-worthy in the aqua or the navy.


Not the way I’d style it, but I thought you should see it “dressed.”

But then I found Barrett. Oh, Barrett, you are so very lovely. You are tall and quiet; your simple, clean lines bridge the traditional and the modern without an iota of fussiness. You are confident and do not need to be flashy. You also look über-sexy in the dark navy….



This is the best shot they have of it “dressed”– not very helpful, is it? Once again, imagine it with MUCH less traditional styling.

I went to visit the beds. The Quincy is a looker, there is no denying it.
They did not have the Barrett in the showroom, but they had a similar one.

And you know what? These beds are HUGE. Truly ginormous.
The top of the mattress comes up above my WAIST!
I’d need a ladder to get into one of these beds!

Also, they have enormous wooden supports down the middle underneath (I am talking tree-trunk-esque, people) and these would be visible as you climb the stairs to our second floor, as the view from the landing is straight under the bed. Finally, I think the scale is just plain too big for our room. Rather than looking edgy and “look at me, playing with scale! I’m such a risk-taking designer! Aren’t you surprised by how good this looks?!”, I think either one would just look like it had been crammed into a too-tiny room.

Maybe you can get one of them in some gorgeous, juicy colour and I can live vicariously through you?

What the Deuce?!

Today I visited a couple of beds in person that I’ve been stalking online.
They are very pretty and I promise to share them with you at some point.
BUT, they are BIG.
Really, really BIG.
And our master bedroom (like all the rooms in our wee house) is not. Not at all.

While I do not belong to the “I must have a master bedroom big enough in which to play football and/or land a 747” school of décor, and while I firmly believe that an oversized piece in a small space can be the stuff of design genius, I am pretty sure that, in this case, the result would just be to make our room look cramped and over-stuffed.

Soooo, when I stumbled on this baby, I had to ask myself… could this be it? Could I have found The One?

The Deuce bed by the Novogratz (es?) for CB2 ticks a lot of boxes for me: modern with a nod to the traditional, mimics a style of bed I LOOOVE but which is usually made in gorgeous antique wood that not even I would paint (and if I can’t paint it, I don’t want it!), not too tall, space for cats to hide underneath, a headboard to lean against in order to read, no need for a bedskirt, re-paintable down the line if I need a change of pace…


Below, you can see it in situ.
Okay, not in OUR situ….
(How fabulous is that room?!)


In The Navy

One of my dear sisters-in-law is plotting a master bedroom makeover. She and her hubby deserve it: they just survived a Never Ending Bathroom Reno!  We chatted about inspiration and I started up a Pinterest board where I could “pin” ideas for her. We are thinking about navy, with some brass/gold accents.  Here is one inspiration board drawn from the ideas I’ve gathered so far on Pinterest.
What’s inspiring you this weekend?


1. Nailhead trim headboard, boho-chic duvet set

2. Chandelier

3. Trellis patterned rug

4. Slipper chair

5. Whimsical side table