Bette Davis Eyes

I have been wanting to show you our new office for a while now, but we still have a teensy-tiny way to go before we are finished.

So, in the mean time, I thought I’d just tease you a bit with a few previews.

First, I found this humungous, oh-so-pretty basket at Homesense. And I said to myself, “Self,” [I said] “You need to have that as your recycling basket for the office.”


And, just like that, a makeover was born.
Like Venus rising from the ocean, the vision came, fully-formed, to mind.
Nearly-black navy walls;


crisp white trim;  dip-dye,  some ikat & some pom poms,


…maybe a chevron or two, antique gold & natural rattan accents…..I could not wait to get this room jeujed up!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


More dots

Do you love this pillow as much as I do?


If so, you can snag your very own from Shoppe Amber Interiors.
Or, you can just do what I do:  swing by the site and drool.

Fluffy Pom-Poms

I have had a little collection of snowball-like pom-poms in my stash for a few years. I got them in one of the infamous grab-bags put together at Mokuba*. The grab bags contain bits and bobs of leftover trims and ribbons and are a stitchin’ lady’s dream; the prices at Mokuba can run to three digits per meter, so getting leftover snippets can be a real score!

With the onset of shoe-clip mania inside my head, I could hardly wait to work my precious snowballs into some clips. Sadly, though there were four poms, there were two teeny-tiny ones (too small to be useful individually), a mid-sized one and a jumbo– I’d need two the same size in order for my plan to work. The mid-sized one, with some pretty dark red felt leaves I cut out and stitched together, made a divine shoe accessory! Yay!
But then I had to go with an asymmetrical approach, using either the jumbo pom or the two teensy ones. I opted for the latter and worked in a few little dark red mini-poms that remind me of berries. So, the two clips are different, though in the same family. I am pretty happy with them, but will be heading down to Mokuba to splash out on another mid-sized snowball so that I can have a matching pair.

I think they will be sweet to add a bit of festive whimsy to an outfit over the holidays, don’t you?

*When I lived in France, while all my friends went on trips to Brugge and Amsterdam to take in the sights, I made pilgrimages to Paris to go to Mokuba. I still have the ribbon I bought then– guess what I’m gonna make with it? Shoe clips!

Le Big Reveal

Design Brief:
Unify a jumble of comfy, much-loved bits of furniture,
acquired over time and representing a mixture of styles and eras.

Use the homeowner’s existing pieces, recycling as much as possible
in order to keep room in the budget for her must-haves:

an area rug


So, without further ado, here it is!

It was the hottest week of the year, but that did not stop me from using the awesome paint sprayer to unify the wicker furniture with a coat of charcoal grey. The 1920s settee, chair and table, in particular, look AMAZING in this new, dark colour.

The rug, from West Elm, brings a hit of contemporary design into the space, to keep it from feeling too girly or too theme-y. We wanted to keep the cottage vibe of the room but with a modern edge.

The Big Stuff made the seat cushions (and they did an excellent job, as usual!) in the gorgeous yellow buffalo gingham check that was our starting point. Once the client saw that fabric, the whole room just fell into place; we let the fabric dictate the rest of the palette.  The grey and creme floral and all the ribbons and trims came from Designer Fabric Outlet, and the polka dots were a twin duvet set from Ikea–thanks to my trusty shears and sewing machine, it is now the upholstery on two of the  dining chairs and has also been transformed into cushions, including some reversible ones, for the rest of the seating. We drew the yellow from the check out to paint a curvy little chair and placed it in the corner, with a view of the garden.

Curtains add some privacy and can be drawn in the evening if it gets cool. The tea-towelling I used along the border of each panel picks up on the yellow and evokes a bit of the south of France at the same time.

Rewiring an old, broken lamp and giving it a coat of the same yellow as the chair brought it back to life.  The other lamp belonged to the client’s mother and sported an antique gold finish; a quick coat of charcoal grey and it was ready to provide some much-needed light for reading in the evenings. I recovered both lampshades and added whimsical oversized pom pom trim in charcoal grey, including a pom on each finial! I think every room needs a touch of something to make you smile, don’t you? Tired of the pom poms in a few years?
No worries– some neutral linen shades are an easy and inexpensive update.

To see more, head over here.