Hello, Interweb!

I’ve been on a bit of a blog sabbatical lately. Yes, there is a project or two under my belt, but not many decent photos to share. So, here’s hoping you are having a lovely summer, whether you are in the midst of a heatwave or enjoying the cooler, wetter days and nights we are having here lately.

Here’s some prettiness for you.




A pocket full of posies

Okay, so it’s allegedly a nursery rhyme about the bubonic plague.
I needed a title, what can I say? 😉


If the clothes (oh, yes, they have CLOTHES!) and the interior design products are out of your price range at House of Hackney, why not take home a sweet little posy to brighten up your space? Buy two– they make lovely hostess gifts and there is no need for your hostess to have to find a vase if you bring her a posy in a mason jar!


In London, as in France, you will NEVER see flowers displayed in crummy plastic buckets, they are always in some kind of pretty container, styled up to make them look as tempting and irresistible as possible.
It works.