A Sweet Tea Party

One of the current bridal shower trends I love is the old-fashioned tea party. It combines a whole passel of lovely things: sweets, antique dishes, flowers, fancy silver….cake bunting!


Today’s post is about just such a shower, organized and styled by my talented colleague, JG. The woman puts Martha Stewart to shame and her talents in the kitchen are legendary among those who know her.
Who better, then, to create the vision for the dessert table at her pal’s bridal shower?


The wedding’s colour scheme is purples and lavenders and, thus, so were the sweets & the dessert buffet decor. Add some pretty washi tape mini-bunting
–(we had a joint brainstorm to add the pompoms to the bunting– isn’t it darling?!)–
a vintage silver tea service, some hydrangeas and some vintage tea cups & saucers and you have a beautiful, old-fashioned, feminine bridal shower.



Yes, those are TRIPLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES with purple sugar sparkles.


Teapot-shaped, lavender-tinted shortbread? Yes, please!


All photos by J. Goldberg, who was kind enough to let me share all this prettiness here.



Last week I was commissioned to make my former (now retired– lucky girl!) boss some shoe clips to tart up her Louboutins so that they would go with a new outfit she plans to wear to a wedding.

These were our inspiration:


Here is what I came up with. It was so much fun and not at all difficult– why not try it out? Shoe clips are tiny, so you can make them with scraps you have on-hand. I am excited to whip up some more over the next few weeks.

I got my clips at Sussman’s, but they are readily available online (for less!) if you can’t find a local supplier.

I both stitched and glued the clips I made– I wanted them to be sturdy, so a tiny bit of hot glue under the clip itself just added a bit of security to my hand-stitching.

The next step was to wrap them up nicely and send them on their way to adorn a pair of shoes much fancier than my cheapies! 😉 Here’s to dancing the night away in pretty shoes!

Take a Seat!

When my parents got married– heck, even as recently as when my friends got married–  the way you figured out which table you’d be at for dinner was by finding your name on a board and going to the numbered table to which you’d been assigned. As you know, that system is no longer the norm. I love checking out wedding blogs to see some of the fun and creative ways couples choose to indicate the seating plan to their guests.

My brother and his bride chose to use origami. My brother made all the origami sculptures twice– once in miniature to go on the board with the lists of guests, and once in a larger size to mark the table and be part of the centrepiece. He was up until 3:30 a.m. the night before the wedding, folding paper like a madman, but it was worth it. After all, it was pretty fun to be able to say you were sitting
“at the sign of the prawn”!

(Though I think the X-Wing fighter might have been my very favourite!)

The origami looked so pretty tucked in amongst the lovely mismatched vases full of flowers and the tealights sparkling in beribboned mason jars.
A crack commando team of amateur florists (a.k.a. family and friends!) worked very hard to get the flowers looking just right and to set up the centrepieces.

Once again, photo credits to Lucas Jarvis.

Eliza Doolittle…

has got nothing on these ladies!

In the true DIY spirit of my brother’s wedding, my mum and my “other mother,” her next-door neighbour of 40 years, did all the flowers for the bouquets and corsages and boutonnieres.

 And didn’t they do a great job?

The bride’s bouquet was adorned with a treasured family heirloom.

The brief for flowers for the wedding was “bright colours.” The bridesmaids’ bouquets looked great against their jewel-coloured dresses; the hot pink & white really popped.

As you can imagine, the flower girls stole the show & a whole lotta hearts
( a deliberate ploy on the part of a bride who did not want to be the centre of attention!)
in their fluffy tutus and their Chucks, carrying their bright yellow bouquets.

All but the first two photos were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

It Takes A Village…

… to stage a DIY wedding!

You will need:
1 extremely relaxed bride
1 similarly laid-back groom
a cast of dozens of loving family and friends

My new sister-in-law was easily the most unstressed-out bride I have ever met. She basically said to me: “I want bright colours, I don’t care which ones. You have good taste; I trust you.” And so I got to have The Most Fun Ever picking out pretty fabrics to turn into miles of bunting that would reflect the joyful, generous natures of my brother and his bride.

My brother spent pretty much forever designing and making the suspended ceiling for the dance floor.

My sister-in-law baked cupcakes for months in advance, freezing them along the way. Her lovely sister and wonderful friends, niece and mum whipped up lots of of yummy icing and decorated the cupcakes. They were sublime.

Several tall, good-natured, good-looking(!) men let me boss them around over the two days it took us to get all the bunting in place. They uncomplainingly climbed on gigantic ladders to pin the bunting up, they made painstakingly sure my swags were even, they made sure the table bunting was pinned perfectly in place, and then they got up and did it all in reverse to take it all down the next day.

An enormous cast of friends, relatives and guests spent the week setting up and getting ready, making time to go to the beach and have a few BBQs and then all showed up on Friday and Saturday to work hard and make sure that S & S had the best wedding ever.

It was AWESOME– I have never had so much fun making an event happen.

More wedding to come next week!

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great long weekend, North Americans; have a great weekend, everyone else!

We Could Have Danced All Night

And so we did.
We danced and we danced and we danced.
It was the dancin’-est wedding I have ever attended!

Isn’t that how weddings should be?

Once again, all photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis. You can check out his amazing work here, here and here. I should mention that he is not just our cousin, he is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Australia.

He works internationally, too. (Even when he’s not related to the groom!)

A Stitch In Time

Since December of 2011, I have been spending some quality time in my sewing room, creating little bits of loveliness for my brother’s wedding to the darling S. One of my projects was to make fancy collars for their dogs to wear to the wedding. Here is a glimpse of the one I made for Blitz. She looked so sweet in it!